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Amsler Family in Texas

Three Amsler Coats of Arms

coatofarmsS.jpg 9th Generation coat of arms

[Select image for larger view]
Page 13,Amslers of Austin's Colony (AAC)

Click on coat of arms above for Amsler lineage from 1st to 8th generation. Below image describes the 9th Generation of (Charles Conrad Amsler and his wife Anna Marie Leuenberger who left Schinznach Switzerland for Austin's Colony of Texas

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9th Generation moved to U.S.

9th Generation

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Ref. page 23,Amslers of Austin's Colony

Left: Karl Konrad born 28 Nov 1808 in Schinznach, Canton Aargau, Switzerland and died 19 Nov 1874 in Waller County, Texas. Right: Anna Maria Leuenberger (Mary Lowenberger), from Koelliken* married Karl Konrad on 19 Nov 1832. Two months later the young couple decided to emigrate to America with 32 other immigrants, reaching New Orleans 9 April 1833 via the Arengo from LeHavre, France.

* Koelliken (in German Kölliken / oe means ö) in Canton Aargau not far away from Schinznach (IR)but nearby the border to the Canton of Solothurn (IR)in Switzerland.

(This explanation about Koelliken was graciously provided by:[Rolf T. Hallauer](IR) and Member and Vice president of the Genealogical and Heraldic Society of the Region of Basle in Switzerland.)

Note that Karl Konrad Amsler is the great great grandfather of author of this site.

Charles Conrad Amsler. (account of the civil war experiences)

See (IR)

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[13.] Recollections of Charles Amsler.

The Swiss Texans:

"Charles and Mary Amsler settled in Cat Spring, German country, in 1834, and both participated in the revolution two years later. See Karl Konrad Amsler Memorial. They, and various family members, operated a farm, started a cotton gin, managed a stagecoach stop, and opened a lumber business" Recollections of Swiss settlers: Institute of Texan Cultures (IR) Also is reference to swiss texans

We also have the book, The Swiss Texans <<Swiss Settlers Help Win Independence>> .."Many Swiss settlers contributed to Texas Independence. Charles and Mary Amsler had settled at Cat Spring in 1834. Quickly they found themselves caught up in the Revolution. Years later Amsler recollected that "In the autumn of 1835.. ff Swiss Texans


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10th Generation

Second Generation Texan

Charles Conrad Amsler (W.T. Amsler Grandfather)

Click on above image for enlarged view of this page and read the text of pages preceding this photo in Amsler's of Austin Colony.


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Samuel Amsler (W. T. Amsler's Uncle)

Click on above image for enlarged view of this photo from Amsler's of Austin Colony.

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Samuel Amsler and wife(W. T. Amsler's Uncle)


Click on above image for enlarged view

samuel amsler .

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Flato Family Papas Maternal GrandParents


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The photo above was publish as supplement in newspapers of The La Grange Journal, Moulton Eagle, Schulenburg Sticker, Smithville Times, Tribune-Herald (Hallettsvills) October of 1973 and was sold as a souvenir program portraying 100 year anniversary of [Flatonia] (IR)

[The handbook of Texas online: Flatonia] (IR)
[Texas bird's eye view of Flatonia] (IR)

In this photo, Boxed below headline is CZech Ambassador to be City's honored guest Flato Family photo below the boxed headline: Sanding left to right:
Paul Flato, Henry Flato, Sophie Flato Amsler, Harry Flato, Elize FlatoVillaret, Oscar Flato, F.W. (Billy) Flato, Charley Flato. Seated left to right: Erna Flato Faltin, Grandpa F. W. Flato Sr., Grandma Sophie Welhausen Flato, and Alma Yeager Flato. This picture was taken in Shiner, Texas at the Golden Wedding of the Flatos with the 10 Children. This is a scanned photo from old copy of of a souvenir program portraying 100 year anniversary of Flatonia, Texas Welcome to Flatonia”s 100th Birthday Party 1973. October 26th, 27th, and 28th of 1973.

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Amsler 9th Generation Papa's maternal GrandParents
Flatos on their 50th Wedding Anniversary (date unknown) These photos from souvenir program in 1973 as 100-year anniversary of Flatonia.

(Select photos for larger views and use back button to return to this page)
fwflato72dpi.jpg sophieflatos.jpg

W. T. Flato and Sophie Welhausen Flato were grandparents of William Tell Amsler. Sophie Flato Amsler, William Tell Amsler's mother, was one of ten children of the Flatos.


Amsler 10th Generation Papa's Parents

10th Generation Louis Philip Amsler, the fourth son of Charles Conrad and Mary Lowenberger Amslers shown on page 54 of Amslers of Austin's Colony through page 59 that describes Sophia Flato Amsler. Louis Philip Amsler and Sophia Flato Amsler were parents of my grandfather, W.T. Amsler illustrated n 11th generation below.


[click on image to view page].

Selecting the above Image of Sophia (Flato) Amsler will open the page with links to other pages. Places where Sophia and Louis lived are at bottom of page showing four photos of Sophia Flato Amsler and in an effort to follow chrononoligical sequence of the life of Louis Philip Amsler we created another page Chronology of Louis Philip Amsler.

We found no picture of Louis Philip Amsler whose civil war experience is included on pages 54 through 59 in "Amslers of Austin's Colony." Page 59 is an account mostly from family history by John C. Amsler who labeled that writing as "THE TORCH'S FINAL FLARE") Sophia (Flato) Amsler applied for a pension as widow of a Confederate Soldier. Letters from Louis Philip are illustrated in the writing of John C. Amsler's "THE TORCH'S FINAL FLARE." We found that Baylor University Library contains documents from John C Amsler's writings. Lists of libraries with "Amslers of Austin's Colony"

In examining "Amslers of Austin's Colony," William Tell Amsler was the second son of Louis Philip and Sophia (Flato) Amsler. W.T Amsler is listed in the book as the 11th Generation and his children as the 12th Generation, which makes the author of this site, the 13th Generation. W.T. Amslers parents are located between the book's secton illustrating the Flatos and section covering W.T. Amsler. Charles Conrad Amsler was the first generation to be born in Texas, His son, Louis Philip was the second generation Texan, Louis Philip son W.T.Amsler was third generation Texan and his son, David West was fourth generation Texan. The writer of this site is fifth generation Texan.


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Amsler 11th Generation

William Tell Amsler (11th Generation) at 17
and Cora Elizabeth West at 16

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Papa framed image papa819s.jpg Mama at 16 mamas.jpg

Amsler 11th Generation “MAMA/PAPA”

William Tell Amsler second son of Louis Philip and Sophia (Flato) Amsler was born July 1, 1880 and died March 31, 1952. William Tell married Cora Elizabeth West born Apr 25, 1882 and died May 1 1952.

Cora Elizabeth West was niece of George West who owned a large ranch in South Texas and for whom the town [George West] (IR)was named. Cora's parents were David Marion and Katie (Fairchild) West.
[George West Map](IR)[handbook of texas](IR) [] (IR)Texas communities and [Shiner, Texas](IR)

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Amsler 11th and 12th Generations: mama/papa-LP Amsler

Papa at 17 and Mama at 16

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Ref. page 92,Amslers of Austin's Colony

Upper left photo of William Tell, second son of Louis Philip and Sophia (Flato) Amsler, was born 1 July 1880 and died 31 march 1952 in Lavaca County, Texas. He was buried in Flatonia Cemetery. Tell married Cora Elizabeth West, born 25 April 1882; died 1 May 1952 in Lavaca County.)

Their son Phil says that William Tell Amsler was a cattle man and worked in Oklahoma Territory as a youth for Charles Flato who at that time had thousands of head of cattle on open range.

Stories retold by William Tell Jr. in October 2002 were that his father rode the fencerows in Oklahoma and made friends with the Indians. If the Indians wanted a steer, there was one of him and several Indians, so William Tell did not raise any objection. He visited two Indian camps and learned two different dialects, one for each camp. William Tell was able to converse with the Indians, Germans, and Mexicans fairly well. On one occasion William tell met up with some unfriendly Indians who shot the saddle horn from his saddle.

Another story told in June 11, 2011 family gathering is William Tell met Indians on one occasion and an Indian with his hand cupped offered what he was holding to William Tell. He took the tarantula, looked at it, cupped it in his hand and handed it back to the Indian. From that time on the Indians showed respect when they noticed that he was not afraid. Riding fence rows he had to be on good terms with the Indian bands in the area. Such stories are priceless and when you are young, listen to the stories of your elders so you will be able to relay such stories to future generations.

Later, Charles Flato was head cattle buyer for the King Ranch. Tell Amsler for many years managed the big Ray O'Connor Ranch and the Fitzpatrick ranches in South Texas. In his later years he ran a grocery store and butcher shop. He knew what to look for when buying beef for his market. Sammy Amsler recalls accompanying Papa to Corpus to buy beef for his butcher shop in Clarksville, Texas. Sammy was convinced that Papa knew how to pick the best sides of beef. Tell´s Wife, Cora Elizabeth was a niece of George West who owned a large ranch in South Texas and for whom the town of George West was named. Cora's parents were David Marion and Katie (Fairchild) West. William Tell and Cora Elizabeth (West Amsler had five children: 1. Louis Philip II, 2. David West. 3.Lillian E., 4. William Tell Jr., and 5. Charles Conrad. Louis Philip Amsler II reveals this amusing bit: 'it seems that all the kids in my family were nicknamed after some kind of food. West was hash, Lillian was tea, Charles was chili, William was corn Willie, and I (Philip) was lippy.

Louis Philip and Lorena Derina (Tyree) Amsler were parents of two sons: 1. Louis Philip III, and 2 Henry William/ 13th-15th generations Louis Philip Amsler III. Phil was an agent telegrapher during his active business life, starting in 1918 at Galveston for Sante Fe Railroad. As a sideline Phil operated an archery range and supply store (first in Brownsville, then at Llano.)

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Amsler 10th and 11th and 12th Generations

mama's mother's picture postcard note to Charlie Amsler of Shiner 1910


[Select image for larger view, then use back button to return to viewing page]

This picture postcard was written by Mama (believed to be Cora Amsler's Mother) on April 6, 1910 and mailed on April 7, 1910 in Moulton, Texas. Moulton, Texas is located about 10 miles south of Flatonia, where both William Tell (Papa) and Cora Amsler (Mama) are buried. Moulton is ten miles north of Shiner. Shiner is about eighteen miles southeast of Gonzales, Texas. The card was addressed to David West Amsler's Uncle Charlie who was living in Shiner. I understood from my Dad, David West Amsler, that Tea was on Mama's lap and Phil was in front of Mama while David West was to extreme right in the photo. The identity of the other ladies is not certain, but one of the ladies was described as “Aunt Sophia” by my Dad. Apparently all of the ladies were related to David West Amsler's Father, who was also named “Cora” Amsler. This is somewhat confusing, as the picture postcard was written by “Mama” and she wrote “we miss Cora's Children..” David West born on May 4, 1904 and was almost 6 years old; Lillian (Tea) was born in 1909, was bout a year old and Phil was born in 1901 about 8 years old. ” Visit Moulton, Flatonia and Shiner: [Moulton ](IR) -Moulton Texas web site [Flatonia ](IR) -Flatonia Texas web site [Shiner ](IR) -Shiner Texas web site. but don't miss: [Shiner ](IR) - Shiner's old (oldtimers) geezers site.

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Amsler 10th and 11th and 12th Generations

mama's mother's picture postcard photo side1910

[Select image for larger view, then use back button to return to viewing page]

Amslers of Austin´s Colony published the photo below the picture postcard . The photo below the 1910 picture postcard was taken in 1976, 66 years later than the post card photo. In the second photo, left to right sitting is Phil Amsler and “Tea” Kurc; standing from left to right is David West and Bill Amsler. Bill was the last surviving sibling of W.T and Cora Amsler, who are affectionately remembered as PaPa and MaMa by their Grandchildren. (Charlie Amsler is not shown in the photo as he passed away earlier.)

Amsler Mama/Aunt Sophia 10th/11th Generation

This photo card was found 7/3/02 within a picture frame on the dresser and it was assumed to be only a photo, but on examination it was discovered to be a photo card. In the early 1960's, My Dad, David West named those in the photo. the best that I can recall is one of the ladies was described as Aunt Sophia. Mama spoke of Aunt Sophia (who I believe to be Sophia Willausen, mother-in-law of Mama. (as a sidebar, Sophia Flato was the sister of Franklin who married Sophie Welhausen, twin sister of Charles who married Eliza Amsler. Eliza was the sister of Louis Philip amsler... If anyone viewing this page knows for sure which Sophia is on the postcard photo as well as the other ladies, please leave a note for Sammy.

Mama told me a story about an indian raid when she was a young girl, she managed to hide during the course of that raid.

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Amsler 12TH Generation: Phil Amsler


Phil Amsler(Louis Philip II) in Brownsville, Texas philamsler3s.jpg 147x114 Phil Amsler  bow hunt

[Select image for larger view, then use back button to return to viewing page]

Phil Amsler, Son of William T. Amsler and Cora West Phil kills two 45 pound javelina. “Phil Amsler stated that he killed one with a shot from 27 yards, hitting the hog in the heart, and dropped the the from 18 yards with a lung shot.” circa 1940-50's

Phil Amsler(Louis Philip II)letter 11/10/56 philamsler3s.jpg 147x114 Phil Amsler  bow hunt

[Select image for larger view, then use back button to return to viewing page]

Phil Amsler, Son of William T. Amsler letter to Sammy Amsler describing night hunt calling up bobcat and coyote. He describes the “squealers” working well to call up animals. Uncle phil describes his growing archery business.

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Amslers 12th Generation
W.T.(Bill) Amsler and Bobbie Amsler

billbobbieS.jpg 200x259

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Amslers 12th Generation


[Select image for page with larger view,
then use back button or link to return to viewing page]

family page of

Charles Conrad Amsler, Lula, Charlie Jr and Monica

and completion of 12th Generation siblings of W.T. Amsler Sr. and Cora (West) Amsler

Standing, left to right
David West Amsler and W. T. Jr. (Bill) Amsler
Sitting, Left to right
Lewis Philip Amsler and Lilian Amsler


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Amsler family Christmas 1939 12th,13th and 14th generations

189x154 Amsler family Christmas 1939

[Select image for larger view, then use back button to return to viewing page]

Amsler Family celebrates Christmas 1939 in Luling, Texas. Sammy is in background on €Trigger” wearing an aviator's cap.

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Sammy Amsler Trigger: Sammy Amsler 13th Generation

sammy_triggers.jpg 182x197 Sammy on Trigger - Christmas 1939

[Select image for larger view, then use back button to return to viewing page]

Amsler Family Christmas circa. 1938 in Luling, Texas Sammy is in on “Trigger” wearing cub scout uniform. Spot, is the dog behind the horse, “Trigger”. Note that Sammy climbed corral fence in back yard to mount the horse in those days! Trigger was eventually let out to pasture and became too wild to ride.

Amslers of Austin's Colony presents two images of Phill Amslers sons on page 94 Henry and Lewis served in WW II, Sammy enlisted in the Air Force in July, 1947, serving six years and was discharged in 1953 just before entering U.T. Other 13th generation Amslers included Bill and Bobbie's children Sherry Shaw, Bob Amsler, Tella Amsler. Marjorie daughter of Lilian Amsler and Donne Lynn Kurc and Jeannine Kurc, were daughters of Lillian (Amsler) Kurc and Leon Kurc.
Images are limited, but those that are available can be located in family reunion Albums . If you look closely all of the 13th Generation cousins can be found within the albums. Let us know which ones you recognize.

13th Generation Amsler page will be created as photos are collected as page progresses for displaying 14th, 15th and 16th generation of Amslers. Recent additions for 13th Generation on 4/15/09 for W. T. Amsler, Jr family page and Charlie Amsler Page. in addition the Amslers of Austin's Colony image for four of 13th generation.

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14th, 15th and 16th Generation

Note that a page will be linked here when photos are available for the 14th, 15th and 16th Generation Amslers. Please note that the since the 9th generation amsler immigrated into this counry, 14th Generation Amslers are the 5th generation of amslers to be born in Texas. If you are in this category please send your photos to be included on this page using e-mail address:
[Sammy Amsler]
14th Generation Amslers includes Bob Amsler's siblings, Sherry Amsler's siblings, Tella's Siblings, Louis Philip Amsler's siblings, Henry Amsler's sibling, Majorie's siblings, and siblings of Donne Lynn Kurc and Jeannine Kurc. We would like to list the names of siblings described as the 14h Generation on to the 15th generation, but that depends on responses to this web site. Names, locations, and addresses would be preferred, but that is up to those Amsler descendants who read this web page. Tommy Amslers, son, Eric's daughter is the 15th generation amsler or the 6th generation in this country.


Photos mailed will be returned. Also, if you recognize missing names on this page linked here Please respond with update and/or corrections to above e-mail address. Depending on e-mail responses, the web page for 14th-16th generations is projected to be created in mid year of 2004.

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Amanda Amsler insert

Leave header prepare linked page for amanda amsler using images and others that may be available.

Amanda Amsler: September, 1987 Seton honored Amanda Howze Amsler's gift in memory of her father, Joseph E. Howze. M.D. Kathryn Amsler Priddy, Mrs. Amsler's daughter, joined with other family members to celebrate and honor her mother's generosity. Mrs. Amsler's philanthropic legacy and that of her family will continue to bring good health and hope to Central Texans in need. The Photo (from left to right), Cincy Howsa; Diane Priddy, Rear C. Chote, Betty Priddy Walker, Henry Priddy, and Kathryn Amsler Priddy, Mrs. Amsler's daughter.

Amanda Amsler compiled Amslers of Austin´s Colony In Acknowledgement, “A great debt is due Amanda (Howze) Amsler, not an Amsler bloodline descendant but one whose love and devotion, interest in and concern with the early history of the family of her husband, Hervey Meyer Amsler, caused her to rove across the prairies of Texas, travel to other parts of America, and ultimately to visit Switzerland, crossing that same ocean that the Amslers of yesterday traversed when they first came as settlers to Texas. The title, Amslers of Austin´s Colony is not intended to imply that the Amslers were among Stephen F. Austin´s Old Three Hundred, but that they settled within geographical boundaries of his colony. These were described in Davis and Grove's “New Encyclopedia of Texas”as beginning on the San Jacinto River, ten leagues form the coast, up the river to its source and thence in a line to the Nacogdoches-San Antonio road, this road being the northern boundary; the western boundary was the Lavaca River and a line form its source to the above named road.

According to the Handbook of Texas (IR)(Vol II p. 184), “The law provided for settlement by the local governments of immigrants not introduced by empresarios.” Title to Charles Conrad Amsler’s headright was issued by the Board of Land Commissioners for the County of Austin on March 1, 1838.

The fourth class Land Certificate granted by the Republic of Texas to Marcus Amsler was signed by Edwin Waller, Chief Justice and Ex Officio President of Board of Land Commissioners for Austin County in 1845.
Amsler's (IR)Handbook of Texas:
SHINER, TX. The Handbook of Texas Online. (IR)[Accessed Fri Dec 13 20:27:01 US/Central 2002 ]
Handbook of Texas:
GEORGE WEST, TX. The Handbook of Texas Online. (IR)[Accessed Fri Dec 13 20:23:19 US/Central 2002 ].

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Cat Springs Monument


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“In 1932 Cat Spring (IR)celebrated its centennial anniversary and the State of Texas erected this granite monument. Although it has error(s at the end of the town name, and placing the Amsler and Kleberg families there two or three years before they arrived), it is a very handsome marker”

Reference: Cat Spring (IR)Handbook of Texas

Amsler family history is documented with genealogy and photos from “Amslers of the Austin’s Colony” published in 1970.

The scope of the home page is to display family history from 9th generation which included some living in the 1970's. The purpose of the new page is to continue from the 12th generation from where the book, “Amslers of the Austin Colony ” leaves off in the early 70's up to present time. In doing so, the 11th generation from the book may be repeated to identify present generations and their relations the Amsler family from branch of William Tell and Cora Amsler shown on page 92 of “Amslers of the Austin’s Colony”. The new page is expected to be result of contributions by as many as we can contact for presenting

Scope of a new page is works in progress. Other genealogy links:

[Culpepper Connections! The Culpepper Family History Site:link]

[surname index for amslers list:Culpepper Connections link]

[Samuel Amsler (M) (7 Oct 1841 - 4 Mar 1934), #32261:Culpepper Connections link]

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History of this site
10:49 PM 4/12/2009

<<Background information on this web site>>

Amslers web site was formerly hosted by Time-Warner Road Runner. In December, 2008. This site was moved to along with the domain “,” [IR]

The former Time Warner hosted web site with domain name “’ was created in 2002 in initial learning stages for using html script. Over the years, we decided to leave the site in the same format as originally created. As of 2012 we will include update notes in comments within the header for those who are familiar with html pages and reading source script.

We are revising the web site to include images that now links to albums including and albums. Since these album accounts are treated as temporary for links from we will endeavor to store all images and web pages on host provider. This page contains links to, and we are working to remove those links as we move the pages and images to host site.for links on main page of

If any Amsler would like to inherit the domain name and account, we would like to hear from you! site main page thumbnail images generally link to other pages with larger views of photos.

We created a CD that mirrors site. This is endeavor was mostly completed in April 2009 for the June 2009 Reunion, but we consistently need to review/update to insure that all of the links have been modified. Everyone who provides their e-mail address at annual family gatherings or otherwise, will be notified as to major modifications to We would like for a CD to look and respond the same way as being on the web sitewhich is no small task.The CD that mirrors site needs updating each time pages are modified. Having files and images within this web site and within the website CD may help to insure its longevity. Anyone with a copy of the CD who is familiar with html and creating web pages, with a little tweaking can use the CD to upload files to any host provider. We recognized that a “free from the web cd " may be challenging. So if you observe a difference between the web site CD compared to web site, we would appreciate your sending us an e-mail describing the details. The CD version is intended to be a mirror image of this site.

<< to CD>>

NAMED ANCHOR external links
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<<Sources of images>>

The sources of images for Amslers web site were photos loaned by siblings of W.T. Amsler and Cora Amsler and other family members. Some images were scanned from borrowed photos. Other images were scanned images from old photographs within the book, “AMSLER of Austin’s Colony.” As we review linked sites containing family albums we will include those images within web site hosted by A couple of images including Flato family and Samuel Amsler were contributed by distant relatives after viewing web site.

<<digitized book>>

We examined options for digitizing “Amslers of Austin's Colony.” Google has not done so with copy of the book in the Library of Congress. Since such an endeavor requires about twenty minutes per page if would be a “home brew” project using OCR software from Adobe costing about $300. With 291 pages the time invested to digitize the book with our scanner would require about 98 hours, or devoting eight hours a month we would be finished in a year. Now you understand why we searched for a digitizing service and found a service that digitized in pdf format for viewing, searching or printing pages from the book. GOLDENIMAGEINVOICE.pdf was costly. paypalforgoldenimagesllc.pdf indicates payment on 7/19/10. The cost was well worth the investment. Since the public may browse this site, we do not show link to the book on this site, but members of extended family may request same by email and the link will be provided.

<<The Torch's Final Flare>>

Recently we noticed near the back of the book that starting on page 244 appears to be complete writing of “The Torch’s Final Flare” from the book “Amslers of Austin’s Colony,” Pages 244 through 253 were written as “recollections by John C. Amsler," this writing is rich with information as referenced within the book, “Amslers of Austin’s Colony”. Using google search I understand the original document may available at Baylor University Library.

That lists:
Amsler, Charles Conrad, Family

Amsler, John C.

The following was discovered July 26, 2012:
.Amsler Papers, Texas Collection, Baylor University. AMSLER .. and at bottom of page is Amsler Papers, Texas Collection, 
"Baylor University. AMSLER (JOHN C.) PAPERS, 1891"

I also found copy of same papers at UT

Under A search,

Amsler, Charles Conrad, Family
Amsler, John C.

Briscoe Center Research leads for reviewing and reproducing microfilm:

From those references we understand that “The Torch’s Final Flare” was written in 1891. There appearrs to be a supplement in Amslers of Austin’s Colony continues with “contemporary – April 27, 1938” following “The Torch’s Final Flare” – referenced in index within “Supplement D” when examining bookmarks from the pdf file, Amslers of Austin’s Colony” after page 253 is the title “Contemporary – April 27, 1938” continuing on through page 257, (author not identified) Can anyone clarify why the title was “contemporary – April 17, 1938,”We would have to physically examine Baylor University Library to see if it has the section, "Contemporary -April 27, 1938."

On page 286 of "Amslers of Austin's colony" is writing and images of “1976 Reunion of Amslers and Kin” which we have endeavored to add pages for each recent family reunion since 2007 where photos were taken to show vieweres of this site. At the top of the listed family reunions is 1965 photos collected by extended family. But the only images of 1976 that we have on this site are from page 286 of “Amslers of Austin’s Colony." So in this case we simply reference the page of the book.

Earlier on we posted a message with the Library of Congress posing the question if “Amslers of Austin’s Colony” will be eventually digitized for reading with an internet connection. The answer was somewhat vague. Google may scan all of the books in the Library of Congress, but who can say when that will take place. A recent article described Google digitizing out of print books, which is the case with "Amslers of Austin's Colony.” This gave me hope of referencing that work, but it never materialized. Remember that this book is also located at several Texas libraries, including Public library in Houston, Texas. Earlier we performed a search and were able to identify municipal libraries that contain the book, "Amslers of Austin's Colony," and it was then that we discovered that the book can be found in the Library of Congress. Links to Library of Congress and other locations to access the s book are listed below..

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Some referenced links from Library of Congress include the following

  1. Table of contents for Amslers of Austin's colony / (IR)compiled by Amanda (Howze) Amsler. WorldCat TOC
  2. DATABASE: Library of Congress Online Catalog (IR) Main Title: Amslers of Austin’s colony / compiled by Amanda (Howze) Amsler.
  3. (IR) Amslers of Austin's Colony showing book cover
  4. To find this book in a library (IR) Google book search "Amslers of Austin's Colony"
  5. Listed libraries containing "Amslers of Austin's Colony." (IR)World Cat "Amslers of Austin's Colony

A search for source of Amsler:

Last name origins & meanings:

1. Swiss German: habitation al name from Amslen in Switzerland.
2. German: occupational name for a fowler (bird-catcher), from an agent derivative of Amsel.
3. Jewish (Ashkenazic): habitation al name from Amsle, Yiddish name of Nams{l-}au in Silesia.


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